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Mitchell Scholarship Program News

Entrepreneur Sean O'Sullivan Contributes $300,000 to Mitchell program as class of 2015 arrives

Kelly Kirkpatrick – Philanthropy in the US and Ireland

Mitchell Scholars Class of '14 end year with visit to Kennedy Family Homestead and southeast Ireland

Benjamin Bechtolsheim – Cloud Computing Marketing at Google

Conor Walsh – a Love of Linguistics

Bes Young – Photography, Medicine and the Elderly

Ashleen Williams - Student of Islamic Studies

Katie Dwyer - Education and Social Justice

Cath Skroch - Healing and Food

Class of 2014 - Next Steps

Mitchell Scholars Class of 2014 visit Belfast

Jessica Moldovan - Women's Rights Advocate

Moira Herbst - Advocate and Journalist

Alexandra O'Rourke – Legal Adviser at the State Department

Sarah Wagner-McCoy -  Literary Scholar at Reed College

Robbie Majzner – Caring for Children with Cancer

Paul Musgrave -- US Foreign Policy

Former Irish Minister of State, Liz O'Donnell, on Mitchell funding

Members of Congress urge Secretary Kerry to fund the Mitchell Scholars

Matt Haney – Education Leader in San Francisco

Scholars gather in Dublin and London

Dawn Hewett - Law and Human Rights

Traci Donovan - Banking On It

Sean Healy - Military to Management

2015 Class of twelve selected

The Finalists for the 2015 Class of Mitchell Scholars

Jasmin Weaver - Sleepless for Seattle

Frank Lilley - Methodist Minister in Mississippi

Georgia Mjartan – Helping the Homeless in Arkansas

Ryan Merola – Homeland Security and New York City

Sarah Sexton - Counsel at IRS

Amanda Wetzel – Attorney in Paris

Mariyam Cementwala - Foreign Service Officer in New Delhi

Tyler Dillard - Law in London

Senator Mitchell welcomes class of 2014 to Ireland & Northern Ireland

Bernadette Stout – Health Insurance Strategist

Yongjun Heo – Startup, Technology, Public Health

Jennifer Lambert – Passionate about Public Diplomacy

Ivan Noisette – Working with Inner City Students

Seena Perumal (Carrington) – Healthcare in Massachusetts

Carie Page – Sharing What Works in Education

Brandon Thibodeaux – Maritime Law in New Orleans

Kathleen Romig Krepps

Joey Graziano – Baseball Summer Camps

Allison Barlow – Weather Watcher

Hal Frampton - Employment and Healthcare Law in South Carolina

Robert Mulcare – Private Equity

Peter Frosch – Promoting Minneapolis-Saint Paul

Rebekah Emanuel - Harvard Business School

Sarah David - Law and Politics in Maryland

José Canto – Combining Litigation and Public Interest Law

Cindy Romero – Democracy and Freedom in Latin America

Markus Weisner - Firefighting

Michael Osofsky  - Business & Psychology in Hong Kong

Desha Girod – Post-Conflict Economies

Ben Trachtenberg - Law Scholar in Missouri

Aaron Rabinowitz - Health Care in Maryland

Gabe Paquette – History Prof at Johns Hopkins

Deirdre Mask - Writing and the Law

Jimmy Soni – Managing Editor at HuffPo

Rachel Rebouché – Health and Family Law in Philly

Laela Sturdy – Emerging Businesses for Google

Jeannie Huh – Army Doc in Afghanistan

Davin Quinn – Psychiatry in New Mexico

Victoria Kelly - Fiction Writing and Poetry

Matt Alexander – Using Mobile Tech to Help Marginalized Communities

Steven Sifuentes - US Marine

Bree Hocking - Public Art & Peacebuilding

Katie Van Winkle - Theater & Community

Brittany Schick - Air Force Captain

Andrea (Laidman) Ó Súilleabháin – Post Conflict Peacebuilding 

Sarang Shah - Issues of Political Leadership

Mark Tosso – Youth Ministry, Helping Others

Shane Colvin – Music and Medicine in Montana

Erin Breeze - Building Bridges

Geoff Swenson - Post Conflict State Building

Tommy Vitolo - Energy Analyst & Boston Politics

Frank McMillan - Community Organizer in Virginia

Fagan Harris - Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Mike Solomon - Making Music

Monica Bell – Low Income Urban Communities

Adam Tart - Googled

Erin Stevens - US Army in Alaska

Lauren Parnell Marino - Changemaker

Nate Wright – Congressional Ethics & Human Rights

David Gobaud – Technology and the Law

Alec Schierenbeck - New York Politics

Kathleen Long – Helping Women & Children in Patterson, NJ

Katie Marcum – Writing in Appalachia

Lily Jeng - Cartilage, Joints and Bones

Ryan McCartney - Yale Law Student

House Foreign Affairs Committee Supports the Mitchell Scholarship Program

Lara Janson – Combatting Human Trafficking & Sexual Exploitation

Jana Kiser – Helping youth in San Francisco and Latin America

Simon Rodberg – Teaching in Underprivileged Communities

Jeff Benedict - JAG Corps

Anise Vance - Writing and Race

Chelsea Caveny - Committed to Mississippi

Karly Burke - Researching Cance

Adar Cohen – At-Risk Youth in Chicago

Ben Cote – Defense Contractors and Conflict Resolution

Daniel Preysman – Law and Writing

Michael Gale – Engaging Youth in the Environment

Mikela French - Working for Workers

Brendan Hayes – Healthcare in Nairobi

Rebecca Blustein - Medieval Irish

Catherine Fontana - BioScience Communications

Melissa Boteach - Reducing Poverty

Liza Anderson – Vocation, Education and Christianity in the Middle East

Matt Baum - Psychiatry & Mental Illness Policy

Joanna Pearson - Psychology & Writing

Scot Miller - Greenhouse Gas Research

Richard Waters - Frontline Patient Care

Neil Ferron - Writing for Stage and Screen

Ehrin Armstrong - At the Heart of the Matter

Kyle Krieger - 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Winnie Li – Cinefile and Storyteller

Sam Yates -  Performance Politics/Theater

Derick Stace-Naughton – Healthcare Policy

Michelle Miles - Irish Lit and Oxford Study Abroad

Emily Mark-FitzGerald – Visual Culture of Migration

Matt Huenerfauth – Film Animation and American Sign Language

Chris Rosson - IT at the Fed

Ibrahim Elshamy – Economic Development

Arsalan Suleman – working at State on Human Rights

David Buckley - Religion and Politics

Kathleen Claussen - Pakistan, India, water rights, the Hague

Lisa Yu Russo - Helping Refugees

Dr. Nick Johnson - Drama at Trinity College Dublin

Julia Rosenbloom – from Classics to Anesthesia

Mohit Agrawal – Economics, Education, Development, Growth

Mohammad Modarres – Conservation and Renewable Energy

Samantha Power's connection to the Class of 2008 Mitchell Scholars

Ryan Hanley working on the Smart Grid in San Fran

Erin Rhoda - Newspaper Editor in Maine

Class of '13 wraps up year in Mayo

Kara Cook - A Passion for Protecting the Environment

Breanna Detwiler – Sustainable Local Food Production

Adam Harbison - In the Halls of C