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Mitchell Scholarship Program News

Kelly Kirkpatrick – Philanthropy in the US and Ireland

Mitchell Scholars Class of '14 end year with visit to Kennedy Family Homestead and southeast Ireland

Benjamin Bechtolsheim – Cloud Computing Marketing at Google

Conor Walsh – a Love of Linguistics

Bes Young – Photography, Medicine and the Elderly

Ashleen Williams - Student of Islamic Studies

Katie Dwyer - Education and Social Justice

Cath Skroch - Healing and Food

Class of 2014 - Next Steps

Mitchell Scholars Class of 2014 visit Belfast

Jessica Moldovan - Women's Rights Advocate

Moira Herbst - Advocate and Journalist

Alexandra O'Rourke – Legal Adviser at the State Department

Sarah Wagner-McCoy -  Literary Scholar at Reed College

Robbie Majzner – Caring for Children with Cancer

Paul Musgrave -- US Foreign Policy

Former Irish Minister of State, Liz O'Donnell, on Mitchell funding

Members of Congress urge Secretary Kerry to fund the Mitchell Scholars

Matt Haney – Education Leader in San Francisco

Scholars gather in Dublin and London

Dawn Hewett - Law and Human Rights

Traci Donovan - Banking On It

Sean Healy - Military to Management

2015 Class of twelve selected

The Finalists for the 2015 Class of Mitchell Scholars

Jasmin Weaver - Sleepless for Seattle

Frank Lilley - Methodist Minister in Mississippi

Georgia Mjartan – Helping the Homeless in Arkansas

Ryan Merola – Homeland Security and New York City

Sarah Sexton - Counsel at IRS

Amanda Wetzel – Attorney in Paris

Mariyam Cementwala - Foreign Service Officer in New Delhi

Tyler Dillard - Law in London

Senator Mitchell welcomes class of 2014 to Ireland & Northern Ireland

Bernadette Stout – Health Insurance Strategist

Yongjun Heo – Startup, Technology, Public Health

Jennifer Lambert – Passionate about Public Diplomacy

Ivan Noisette – Working with Inner City Students

Seena Perumal (Carrington) – Healthcare in Massachusetts

Carie Page – Sharing What Works in Education

Brandon Thibodeaux – Maritime Law in New Orleans

Kathleen Romig Krepps

Joey Graziano – Baseball Summer Camps

Allison Barlow – Weather Watcher

Hal Frampton - Employment and Healthcare Law in South Carolina

Robert Mulcare – Private Equity

Peter Frosch – Promoting Minneapolis-Saint Paul

Rebekah Emanuel - Harvard Business School

Sarah David - Law and Politics in Maryland

José Canto – Combining Litigation and Public Interest Law

Cindy Romero – Democracy and Freedom in Latin America

Markus Weisner - Firefighting

Michael Osofsky  - Business & Psychology in Hong Kong

Desha Girod – Post-Conflict Economies

Ben Trachtenberg - Law Scholar in Missouri

Aaron Rabinowitz - Health Care in Maryland

Gabe Paquette – History Prof at Johns Hopkins

Deirdre Mask - Writing and the Law

Jimmy Soni – Managing Editor at HuffPo

Rachel Rebouché – Health and Family Law in Philly

Laela Sturdy – Emerging Businesses for Google

Jeannie Huh – Army Doc in Afghanistan

Davin Quinn – Psychiatry in New Mexico

Victoria Kelly - Fiction Writing and Poetry

Matt Alexander – Using Mobile Tech to Help Marginalized Communities

Steven Sifuentes - US Marine

Bree Hocking - Public Art & Peacebuilding

Katie Van Winkle - Theater & Community

Brittany Schick - Air Force Captain

Andrea (Laidman) Ó Súilleabháin – Post Conflict Peacebuilding 

Sarang Shah - Issues of Political Leadership

Mark Tosso – Youth Ministry, Helping Others

Shane Colvin – Music and Medicine in Montana

Erin Breeze - Building Bridges

Geoff Swenson - Post Conflict State Building

Tommy Vitolo - Energy Analyst & Boston Politics

Frank McMillan - Community Organizer in Virginia

Fagan Harris - Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Mike Solomon - Making Music

Monica Bell – Low Income Urban Communities

Adam Tart - Googled

Erin Stevens - US Army in Alaska

Lauren Parnell Marino - Changemaker

Nate Wright – Congressional Ethics & Human Rights

David Gobaud – Technology and the Law

Alec Schierenbeck - New York Politics

Kathleen Long – Helping Women & Children in Patterson, NJ

Katie Marcum – Writing in Appalachia

Lily Jeng - Cartilage, Joints and Bones

Ryan McCartney - Yale Law Student

House Foreign Affairs Committee Supports the Mitchell Scholarship Program

Lara Janson – Combatting Human Trafficking & Sexual Exploitation

Jana Kiser – Helping youth in San Francisco and Latin America

Simon Rodberg – Teaching in Underprivileged Communities

Jeff Benedict - JAG Corps

Anise Vance - Writing and Race

Chelsea Caveny - Committed to Mississippi

Karly Burke - Researching Cance

Adar Cohen – At-Risk Youth in Chicago

Ben Cote – Defense Contractors and Conflict Resolution

Daniel Preysman – Law and Writing

Michael Gale – Engaging Youth in the Environment

Mikela French - Working for Workers

Brendan Hayes – Healthcare in Nairobi

Rebecca Blustein - Medieval Irish

Catherine Fontana - BioScience Communications

Melissa Boteach - Reducing Poverty

Liza Anderson – Vocation, Education and Christianity in the Middle East

Matt Baum - Psychiatry & Mental Illness Policy

Joanna Pearson - Psychology & Writing

Scot Miller - Greenhouse Gas Research

Richard Waters - Frontline Patient Care

Neil Ferron - Writing for Stage and Screen

Ehrin Armstrong - At the Heart of the Matter

Kyle Krieger - 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Winnie Li – Cinefile and Storyteller

Sam Yates -  Performance Politics/Theater

Derick Stace-Naughton – Healthcare Policy

Michelle Miles - Irish Lit and Oxford Study Abroad

Emily Mark-FitzGerald – Visual Culture of Migration

Matt Huenerfauth – Film Animation and American Sign Language

Chris Rosson - IT at the Fed

Ibrahim Elshamy – Economic Development

Arsalan Suleman – working at State on Human Rights

David Buckley - Religion and Politics

Kathleen Claussen - Pakistan, India, water rights, the Hague

Lisa Yu Russo - Helping Refugees

Dr. Nick Johnson - Drama at Trinity College Dublin

Julia Rosenbloom – from Classics to Anesthesia

Mohit Agrawal – Economics, Education, Development, Growth

Mohammad Modarres – Conservation and Renewable Energy

Samantha Power's connection to the Class of 2008 Mitchell Scholars

Ryan Hanley working on the Smart Grid in San Fran

Erin Rhoda - Newspaper Editor in Maine

Class of '13 wraps up year in Mayo

Kara Cook - A Passion for Protecting the Environment

Breanna Detwiler – Sustainable Local Food Production

Adam Harbison - In the Halls of Congress

Mitchells visit Four Freedoms Park Roosevelt Island

Rebecca Aslakson – Redefining Palliative Care

John Kiess - Peacemaking from Northern Ireland to Eastern Congo

Stephen Dorner – ER Doc at Vanderbilt

Cassie Farrelly – Promoting Irish Theatre in NYC

Mitchell Scholars take California burgers to Hong Kong

Travis Green - Working on Google Wallet

Vicki Moore - With the Navy in Japan

Mitchell Scholars visit Glenstal Abbey

Christina Faust - Working to Eliminate Malaria

Katie Boyle - Arts & Culture at the Washington Post

Ned Augenblick - At the Intersection of Economics and Psychology

Bes Young - Arts and Eldercare

Jon Brestoff - Tackling Obesity

Kesav Mohan - Raising Capital

Michael Solis - From Roddy Doyle's Fighting Words to Trocaire

Mitchell Scholars gather in Cambridge

Mitchell Scholars Mid-Year Retreat in Northern Ireland

Mitchell Scholar Lara Janson's work on sexual exploitation

Class of 2014 Mitchell Scholars selected

Mitchell Scholar Michael Solis to work for Trocaire

Mitchell Scholar Jimmy Soni's first book published

First US-Ireland Alliance event in London

Mitchell Scholars Class of 2013 arrives in Dublin

Alliance President Trina Vargo meets with Foreign Affairs Committee of Irish parliament 

State Reverses Decision to Eliminate Funding of George J. Mitchell Scholarship program

28 Members of Congress urge State Department to Reverse Decision on Mitchell Scholarship Funding

Articles and Op-eds about Mitchell Scholarship funding

Chronicle of Higher Education on  International Education and how the Obama Administration's Rhetoric Doesn't Always Match Reality

State Department to eliminate funding for Mitchell Scholarship program

Mitchell Scholar Erin Rhoda - Passionate about Maine, writing, Maine

Mitchell Scholars Class of '12 concludes year with Irish President and Abbot of Glenstal Abbey

Mitchell Class of '12 Delves into Brussels and the E.U.

Introducing the Lir - MFA in Playwriting, Mitchell Scholarship option

Mitchell Scholars Gather in Belfast

Mitchell Scholar Tommy Tobin combats food waste

Inez McCormack on Mitchell Scholar Frank McMillan

Class of 2013 George J. Mitchell Scholars Announced

Emily Mark, Mitchell Scholar and Lecturer at UCD, speaking about her Mitchell Experience at UCD, November 2011

Class of 2012 Scholars welcomed to Dublin at the residence of US Ambassador to Ireland

Mitchell Scholars meet Senator Mitchell in Washington, DC

Ireland/Northern Ireland Day at NAFA 2011, with video

Mitchell Scholar Arsalan Suleman meets President Obama

Mitchell Scholars visit Glenstal Abbey

Irish American Post profile on Mitchell Scholar Art Chan

Irish American Post profile on Mitchell Scholar Andrea Laidman

Mitchell Scholars' summer gathering in Chevy Chase

Mitchell Scholars meet with Coordinator of Justice Rapid Response

Minister Ruairi Quinn guest of honor at NAFA conference in Chicago

Class of 2011 ends year on the island

Mitchell Scholars Visit Brussels to Learn more about EU

Mitchell Scholars Meet Northern Ireland Leaders

Mitchell Scholars Enjoy Thanksgiving in Dublin

Class of 2012 George J. Mitchell Scholars Selected

Mitchell Scholars Visit Walden Pond

Eleventh Class of George J. Mitchell Scholars Arrive in Ireland

Ten Year Anniversary of George J. Mitchell Scholarship Program

Mitchell Scholars Conclude Their Year at Listowel Writers' Week

President Mary McAleese Honors Tenth Class of Mitchell Scholars

What They've Said About the US-Ireland Alliance and the George J. Mitchell Scholarship Program

Mitchell Scholars Visit Northern Ireland and Brussels

Northern Ireland Doubles its Support of the George J. Mitchell Scholarship Program

Irish Parliament Passes Legislation to Provide US-Ireland Alliance with up to 20 Million Euros for the George J. Mitchell Scholarship Program

Mitchell Scholars Lend a Hand in New Orleans

US-Ireland Alliance Announces The George J. Mitchell Scholars, Class of 2011

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with Mitchell Scholars

Mitchell Scholars Visit Cork for Jazz Festival Weekend

High Ranking Obama Administration Officials Meet with the Mitchell Scholars

Tenth Class of George J. Mitchell Scholars Arrive in Ireland

Irish Prime Minister Honors Ninth Class of Mitchell Scholars

Mitchell Scholars Meet with Government Ministers in Belfast

Senator Mitchell Meets Mitchell Scholars in Dublin en Route to Middle East

Nicholas Johnson, Mitchell Scholar '05 and Dublin Theatre Director, to Produce Short Play by Neil Ferron, Mitchell Scholar '10

Ben Trachtenberg, Class of '02, Wins ABA Journal 2009 Ross Essay Contest