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Mitchell Scholarship Application for 2015-2016 is Now Open

The Mitchell Scholarship application for a year of postgraduate study in Ireland or Northern Ireland is now open. The application deadline is October 1, 2014, at 5:00pm EST, and study will commence in the fall of 2015. We have made changes to the application aimed at making the application process easier and more clear.

A few tips and notes:

* Please read the Frequently Asked Questions section of our site very carefully before emailing me with questions.

* Before you start the application, make sure you have read the Application Procedures and Instructions thoroughly.

* We still require a short video interview as part of the application process. 

* When you think you are finished, read over your application one more time

* We have a new rule this year that the essay must completely be your own work. Read the attestation clause at the end of the essay section before you begin writing.

* If you are a graduate student, a part-time student, or a non-student, you do not submit an institutional endorsement. 

We welcome students in any discipline, not only Irish Studies majors, and we welcome students of any and every background and ethnicity, not just Irish-Americans. 

The Universities and Institutions in Ireland and Northern Ireland are constantly adding and changing programs and offerings, so research your choices well. 

We have heard from many Mitchell Scholarship applicants -- both those who were ultimately selected as Scholars and those who were not -- that they learned an enormous amount from the application process about who they are and what they want. We hope you'll have the same experience.

Apply Now

To continue an application you have already started, log in to your existing application.


-- Serena Wilson, Director
    Mitchell Scholarship Program